Stress, enemy of the body and mind

Stress and cigaret - comic

When you undergo chronic fatigue, your brain needs to be an ally, not a foe. If you are depressed or stressed, you’re in the latter case. I’ll write about depression in a different article, so let’s talk about stress.

Stress is not meant to last

A short term stress is not necessarily bad: the brain stimulates the adrenal glands, which will produce adrenaline. But a long term one is just bad for the body, by disrupting the production of several hormones, among which cortisol, dopamine (pleasure hormone), endorphins (well-being hormones) and serotonin (sleep and serenity hormone).

The role of cortisol1 is very important:

  • it raises glycemia
  • it can inhibit some of the immune system
  • it regulates the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates
  • it regulates the circadian cycle (additional to melatonin)

Besides, it blocks the productions of news neurones in the hippocampus (brain area that influences the mood), which could lead to depression.Los stress mosqueteros

Eventually, stress is killing you

I think you got it… It will just make your life shorter. It makes you tired, it makes you malfunction, it makes you weak. If you’re always tired like me, start suppressing all the sources of stress.

I didn’t say it’s gonna be easy, but your life depends on it. Seriously. One of the things I do is meditation. You could try that. It’s a powerful ally against stress.

Me, I meditate. What about you? What are your tricks against stress? Leave a message in the comments.

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