My challenges

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Why those challenges?

I have two different approches. On one side, I try to find remedies that could alleviate or even cure my fatigue. On the other side, I try to create a routine that helps me feel better. These are not miracle remedies, but they enable me to me feel good despite my chronique fatigue.

Once a challenge is over, I remove it from this page and I will write an article to give you my conclusions (whether it worked or not).

My “feeling better” challenges

Meditate every day for 3 months

I meditate - comic

Long term stress has a very negative impact on immune system. Conversely, meditation, which consists in being in the present moment and enjoying it, will help evacuate that stress. That’s why I’m going to try to keep of rhythm of at least 30 minutes a day for 3 months. Indeed, it is known that if you just meditate “here and there”, you can’t really feel the effect. I will let you know my conclusions after the 3 months.

30 days of yoga

yoga position - comic
As a complement to meditation, yoga let you waken up the whole body. So I will do 20 minutes in the morning, just after waking up. A healthy soul in a healthy body. Here are the courses I picked, beginner level: Revolution – 31 Days of Yoga. Don’t hesitate to do it as well and post some comments!

Do eye exercises every day for 2 month

eye exercise - comic

That one is mainly because I spend a lot of my time in front of computer screens. My eyes are constantly tired. I think that some eye exercises could be a relief.

Work standing up at least half of the time, for 2 month

standing desk - comic

Working while standing up has become a big trend. Maybe for a reason.

I’ve seen that TEDx talk : Sitting: The Silent Addiction | Pritam Poddar that explains how bad it is for us to sit all day. So I’ve decided to stand up while working, as much as possible. I think a minimum of 50% of the time is already a great challenge.

My healing challenges

Try a ketogenic diet (not for loosing weight, but for suppressing sugar intake)

keto diet
The “Keto” diet is now a big trend for loosing wait. I don’t need that. But, if we dig a bit more, we may also find that this diet is being studied as a remedy against cancer. Indeed, the sugar that we intake (complex or simple) fosters the development of cancers and inflammatory environments.

So I want to try that. Eating without sugar (complex or simple) in order to see how different I would feel. Logically, this diet consists in everything but sugar: eggs, green vegetables and good fats (avocado, olive oil, nuts). A tiny bit a cheese maybe. I could also go for meat and fish but I’ve already reduced my meat and fish consumption. That’s for health, animal care and ecology, and I don’t feel like changing that (I still happen to eat some, but not on a daily basis).

Grow some Absinthe (wormwood) and Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood), and then try a treatment

watering plant - comicArtemisia

I didn’t want to buy powder or pills. I thought it would be more fun to cultivate the plant first. In a second time, I’ll try a treatment. Old school! Those two plants belong to the Artemisia family and are supposed to have therapeutic effects. I start with buying the seeds, so be patient!

Try Flubendazole


I’ve read that molecule is a good antiparasite. It’s available in a drug store know as “Fluvermal” (at least in France) for 2.25 € without prescription. At that price, it’s definitely worth trying!

Try Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

I’ve recently read that Ginkgo Biloba was especially advised in case of brain fog. So I’ve decided to give it a try.

Try propolis


Natural antibiotic created by the bees. Definitely worth trying too.

Re-try a short fast of 3 day

I’ve tried 3-day fasts a couple times and they usually went pretty good. I want to do this again soon.

Re-try a long fast of 7 days (only if I manage to gain a bit more weight)

I’ve already tried a 7-day fast but it didn’t end up so well. I’d like to give it another try. The problem is that, for now, I’m not fat enough to try that. (coz when you do that, your energy is your fat)

Bonus \o/

Learn dutch

Dutch - comic

Yep, that completely bonus, but since I currently live in The Hague, I have to learn it! And learning a new langage is really good for the brain anyway.


Don’t hesitate to suggest some more challenges in the comments. I may take it! Even better, if you feel like trying some of them at the same time as me, it could be fun! Send me a message.

Disclaimer: I won’t try anything that I consider dangerous.

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