Meditation, a natural weed killer

Meditation and yoga - comic

Meditation has become a big thing. It took us a few thousand years to understand that maybe the Asians do that for a reason. We now know that it is a necessary practice to compensate the excess of solicitation from our occidental environment.

It’s not just a trend. It actually works.

I meditate almost every day, with various durations. It helps making me feel ok. I feel rested and at ease.

The art of meditation is much simpler than you could imagine. Really. You just need to sit, close your eyes, and relax. Then focus on your breathing.

All your preoccupations, your worries, or any little thing will just come up to your mind. The objective here is not to get carried away by those thoughs. This will happen though. Once you get trapped, just try to bring your attention back to your breathing. You need to be “here and now“.

meditation is not easy - comic

That’s it! It doesn’t matter if you get carried away every time. The principle is simple, but the practice is not necessarily easy for everyone. Specially for the hyper active people, those who never stop. But just the fact that you try, even with a lot of parasite thoughts, is already some kind of meditation. Congratulate yourself (don’t go buy champagne, that’s too much).

Mindfulness: being in the present moment

If you think about it, we are never really focused on the present moment. You’re in your thoughs, in the future or in the past, but never in the present. We tend to forget that our body is actually breathing right now, we never take the time to stop and pay attention to that present moment.


Try and stop for a second.

When you have your coffee, just try and concentrate on what you see, what you smell, and what you taste. It’s already some form of meditation, because you are “here and now“.

Sure. But what about fatigue? It’s simple: meditation will let your brain rest, and reduce stress. Sleeping well is important, but meditation is a huge plus!

meditate but why - comic

Meditation helps the brain, the brain helps the body, and the body is fighting against fatigue

We tend to wonder what to eat, what not to eat, but we under estimate brain food. The brain is powerful (both ways). Stress will raise the production of a hormone, called cortisol. This is just enough to disrupt the whole body system. Just eating bio and vegan will not prevent you from stress (still, if you do that, it’s good, keep it going).

You got it now, meditation is not only for monks. Maybe it won’t suppress your fatigue completely. But if you’re tired, your body might be fighting every day against something. So even if you don’t know what it is, you can help it. If you want to cure your fatigue, start meditating!

How long did you meditate every day? Leave me a message in the comments.

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