A blog about fatigue: genesis (it might be a long way)

Fatigue = depression - comic

I feel tired today. Fatigue. I think I’ve been tired for a while now. I couldn’t even tell since when I’ve been tired exactly. I even think I got used to it. Well, not used to it, but used to living with it. But really, it’s getting heavy…

So I’ve diceded to search for the cause of that god damn fatigue!

Google fatigue search: I am tired

Understanding fatigue with google search seems a bit tedious

Well… I’ve spent hours, days, even months on google trying to find an answer. In vain. The more I search, the more confused I get. Many forums where people will describe their fatigue, their symptoms. Many unsolved discussions. No answer, no conclusion. I also found many answers, that were made by people who want to help. It didn’t help. The cat of their grandmother were tired and she healed it with fermented milk from red haired yak of Mongolia. Amazing story. Didn’t help.

cat with milk

I’m being a bit mean here. Thanks to all the people that are trying to help.

No miracle solution here, but I’ve got to try something

Time goes and I keep on searching the whole internet. Months. Years. I try many different stuffs. Nearly everything that is not dangerous and that could possibly put an end to that fatigue. I go see some doctors (and do exams). Still no miraculous solution.

Today I’m still not cured. I learnt to leave with it. I know what can help, and I know what’s gonna make it much worse. I’m not gonna give up. I keep searching. I keep thinking there’s a solution.

nope: the long way of fatigue wonder

I’ve created this blog in order to organise internet \o/

I’ve decided to create that blog and tell all the things I came across. Because I think that some are lost the way I was. Maybe I can give some modest opinion and feedback. I actually think it would be nice to list here all the possible tracks, and structure them. With the help of your comments, we could enrich it.

When I started to look for the reasons why I’m tired, I would have loved to find such a list. It may not be a solution, but a help to visualise all the tracks we may try. A help to organise. Because chronic fatigue may have different forms, different symptoms, different causes. There might be no point in waiting for a vaccin. What do you want a vaccin against? We’re not even sure what it is.

The fatigues we suffer from may have different explanations. So it’s each one’s job to do its own research, and see what works for him.

And specially, it is greatly comforting to know that you’re not alone in this shit.

Do you also have some experience that you would like to share? Leave me a message in the comments.

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