[Book] Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? – Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra and Martin Zucker

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Wow. I knew it was beneficial to take a walk in nature. I had also heard about some benefits of going barefoot. But I had no idea about the radical transformation that grounding causes on our body and our health! And it’s scientifically proven! It’s so crazy you have to try it to believe it! Really.

“Grounding”, also called “Earthing”, is a simple, free and natural gesture: just walk barefoot. That’s all. Don’t look for tricks. It’s all here. Without shoes, on a conductive ground such as soil or lawn. You’re then connected to the earth, and the magic happens!

I will summarize here the main points of the book, but it is absolutely necessary that you read it because it is fascinating and I cannot put everything here. Clinton Ober tells us how he came to such a discovery, as well as the long and laborious path to finally get some attention from the medical community. Each experiment he conducted is every time more convincing and fascinating. For each one who experience it, it is a real turning point in health and well-being!

blogging and grounding
To write this article properly, I must be grounding!

It is a fact. Our heart, our nervous system, our muscles, our immune system: all operate using electrical impulses. Our movements, our actions and our behaviors are originated with electrical messages. Yet, nobody really cares.

electrocardiogram - drawing
An electrocardiogram, as the name suggests, measures the electrical impulses of the heart.

For most electronic devices, they must be grounded in order to work properly. For us, it’s the same! Otherwise, we are like a sparkling lamp bulb, electrically unstable. Without the ground, we are fragile, disconnected, disordered.

analogy lamp grounding - comic

We always wear insulating shoes, we live in floors far from the ground, in raised beds: we are only very rarely in contact with the earth… and the consequences are much more serious than you may think!

grounding: no shoes - comic

Earthing remedies an electrical instability and electron deficiency you never knew you had. It refills and recharges your body with something you never knew… or needed.

According to research and observations conducted by Clinton Ober, the benefits of earthing are numerous:

  • Defuses the cause of inflammation, and improves or eliminates the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders.
  • Reduces or eliminates chronic pain.
  • Improves sleep in most cases.
  • Increases energy.
  • Lowers stress and promotes calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones.
  • Normalizes the body’s biological rhythms.
  • Thins blood and improves blood pressure and flow.
  • Relieves muscle tension and headaches.
  • Lessens hormonal and menstrual symptoms.
  • Dramatically speeds healing and helps prevent bedsores.
  • Reduces or eliminates jet lag.
  • Protects the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs).
  • Accelerates recovery from intense athletic activity.

it's too comic

Grounding isn’t a miracle cure. It rebalances the electrical energy of the body with that of the earth, stabilizing the rhythm of the vital functions. Heart, lungs, digestive system and immune system thus find their balance. In addition to having an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action, earthing makes us calm and serene, and helps us to get back to sleep. Crazy! This gives the body all the necessary means to find its balance and eradicate its pathologies.

So you don’t need to know what illnesses you are suffering from. You just give your body the tools to take control of the situation. It knows what to do!

Part Two: Personal Discoveries

In this second part, Clinton Ober relates his experiments. He realized, for example, that the body had a voltage induced by magnetic fields, and that this voltage varies according to the distance to a lamp or any electronic device (unless they are properly grounded). Indeed, since we are mostly composed of water molecules, we are conductors. Subject to an electromagnetic field, we are therefore the place of an induced AC voltage, proportional to the intensity of this field. Put simply, we act as an antenna. The problem is that the electromagnetic pollution of our environment increases every day more, and disrupts us even more… unless, of course, we are connected to the earth!

emission and reception electricity and body - drawing

He also claims that it was while being connected to the earth that he was able to find efficient sleep for the first time in many years.

If you think about it, being Earthed is the natural state of living systems throughout history. It is the separation from Earth that is unnatural.

He then explains that his discoveries haven’t been well received by the medical community: doubts, indifference, claiming a lack of evidence…

One doctor told me that even if what I was saying were true, why should he tell patients to take off their shoes and get well for free?

That’s how he decided to conduct the first study himself, to prove his words and to be heard. And the results were beyond his expectations:

  • 85% went to sleep more quickly.
  • 93% reported sleeping better throughout the night.
  • 82% experienced a significant reduction in muscle stiffness.
  • 74% experienced elimination or reduction of chronic back and joint pain.
  • 100% reported feeling more rest when they woke up.
  • 78% reported improved general health.


doctor content - comic

He then discovered that the connection to the ground could be located directly on the painful area in order to soothe the symptoms more effectively: pain, inflammation, redness… you should try!

Earthing also helps regulate the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone) throughout the day. And a body under stress surely can’t heal. It needs some rest.

Clinton Ober then tells us about how he ended up designing and perfecting of a whole bunch of mattresses and sheets so that we can sleep comfortably while staying connected to the earth. It’s practical and effective: you sleep and heal at the same time! You have don’t need to change your habits (well.. if they are bad, it would probably be a good thing though!).

mattress connected to the ground - comic

This second part also includes the story of the cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, who met Clinton Ober and was able to see and apply the benefits of his discovery. A different perspective – and from the medical profession – is always appreciated!

Part Three: Scientific Considerations

In this last part, he takes an even more scientific angle. For example, oxidative stress and inflammation are mechanisms correlated with a lack of electrons. Free radicals are usually positively charged. This would explain why grounding is so effective against these pathologies: it brings an unlimited amount of electrons (negatively charged) and thus neutralizes the imbalances.

grounding: electron input from the earth - comic

The EEG  (electroencephalograms – brain) and EMG  (electromyograms – neuromuscular system) did show that grounding influenced brain and muscle activity, even within just half an hour. Some important changes could even be recorded from the first seconds.

Grounding enables the normalization of the muscular tension (if too high) and increases of the parasympathetic activity of the nervous system (relaxation trigger).

The use of grounding is now famous in the athletic world: strength, recovery after exercise, wounds healing… the benefits are impressive!

When we connect to the Earth, we observe an increase in the respiratory and cardiac rhythm, and a stabilization of the blood oxygenation. It takes about 20 minutes to set up and would imply the initiation of a healing mechanism that requires more oxygen. This suggests that grounding activates a superior metabolic efficiency. Conversely, if you disconnect, you lose this effect (which also takes 20 minutes to disappear).

Depending on the time and the moon, the Earth shows slight electrical variations. Connecting to it synchronizes your internal clock with the local time of the Earth. It makes you recover faster from a jet lag after a long flight. Earthing helps in the same way with regulating the circadian rhythm of sleep.

grounding / earthing = feet in the grass - connection to the ground

Did you know that the soles of the feet have more nerve density than any other part of the body? (The nervous system is a good electrical conductor) It also has many glands for perspiration, which improves conductivity.

Where to walk barefoot? Water is very conductive: walking in the water of a lake, a river or in the sea are therefore the best options.  A very dry floor isn’t very conductive, but you can always moisten it yourself. Choose the land or the grass. The stones and concrete are a bit conductive, but not asphalt (modern roads and sidewalks).

grounding / earthing at sea / ocean - grounding

Sleep is the moment when the body rests and recovers from the stress generated by the activities of the day. This moment of relaxation is therefore ideal for connecting to the earth. There are several devices for this: mattresses, patches, or even conductive sheets that allow you to connect to the earth from a rod set in the garden, or even directly to the ground of the electrical network if you don’t have a garden (less effective).

danger - comic

Caution: If you ever consider connecting to the earth of your electrical network, it’s essential to have your installation checked beforehand by a specialized professional (oscilloscope connected to an independent ground). It isn’t uncommon for parasitic voltages to be observed on the ground wire, due to negligence during installation or repairs. Sometimes the neutral and the earth are even inverted!!

The voltage must be almost zero (compared to a reference ground) and contain the least possible parasitic frequencies. In addition, for safety reasons, the earthed cable must be sheathed and must contain a 2mA series fuse or equivalent resistance (1 megohm) against a possible electrical accident (although unlikely in a compliant environment).

One recent study conducted at the University of Iowa monitored seniors over a twelve-year period and found a surprising 40 percent higher risk of stroke among those living in multi-story residences compared to ground-floor houses.

Another notable fact: when grounded, defective immune systems appear to function properly again.

Gentlemen: also note that many patients reported having better erections thanks to grounding…

Now imagine that you are grounded. If your body is somehow coupled to the Earth, no matter where you are, you are at the electric potential of the ground. That means all of you, from head to foot. Your electric potential is zero and no positive charge can charge you up. You are a part of the ground. You are shielded from whatever happens in the atmosphere. If positive charges are present in your environment and “stick to you,” the
earth will provide the electrons to cancel the positive charges and maintain your potential at zero volts. If EMF s hit your body, their effect is canceled out by the electrons within your body supplied by the ground. Nothing can change your electric potential, except uncoupling yourself from the Earth.

Buy the book on amazon:

Personal conclusion

For the moment, I don’t have enough confidence in my electrical network to connect myself to it. Instead, I have reduced the electromagnetic pollution of my flat as much as possible, and I walk barefoot as much as possible! At my parents, though, I can connect directly to the garden soil while sleeping, and I feel some effects mentioned in this book (but I usually sleep ok). However, I cannot draw any conclusion in a long enough period because I rarely stay there for more than a few days.

grounding barefoot at zero point

Anyway, I strongly believe in the power of earthing and I can only advise you to read this great book!

And you, do you plan to join the movement? Leave me a note in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “[Book] Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? – Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra and Martin Zucker”

  1. Thank you for your good plug on the Earthing book.
    Just FYI, we aren’t so much concerned about EMFs. We are more concerned about people being ungrounded. The benefits of grounding, as you point out in your blo, are profound. Reducing body induced voltage from ambient electric (not magnetic…you might want to correct that) is a secondary benefit of Earthing. As far as plugging into outlets is concerned, if the outlet is grounded you can use it safely. There really isn’t a need to go beyond using a simple outlet checker. Most people just plug in their Earthing products into an outlet after they have checked it with the tester. We have done several studies showing the safety of grounding indoors. You can see the articles here…should be of interest to you…there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet….. http://www.earthinginstitute.net/studies-confirm-indoor-grounding-safety-and-reduced-exposure-to-ac-voltage-emfs/
    All the Earthing cables that come with products designed by Clint Ober (earthing.com and http://www.groundtherapycenter.com) have a built in safety factor…a 100k ohm resistor.
    Your graphics are terrific. Good job. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the Earthing Institute. [email protected]

    1. Hi
      Thanks a lot for you feedback.
      Can you really have ambiant electric without magnetic field??!
      As for grounding devices, I build my own because it’s way cheaper, so I like to insist on safety measures.
      Thanks again!

  2. Hi Stephane, I am very pleased to read your blog and to see another fellow proponent of the earthing/grounding movement. I have read the Earthing book and found it inspirational and informative and have been grounding for about 4 weeks so far. I am getting lots of benefits and want to spread the word like you. I think I’ll start a blog and hopefully pass on the word as effectively as your good self

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