Dry fasting: a healing trauma

dry fasting: no water - comic

“Dry” fasting (without water) is the most effective form of fasting. It activates mechanisms that allow a much faster body cleanse than with water.

If you haven’t read articles on intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting, I encourage you to do so in order to better understand its benefits, and how to practice it properly.

Let’s see what the dry fast is, and what are the benefits.

Dry fasting?

What does dry fasting exactly means? Nothing is more simple: no food, no water!

no water - comic

It can seem scary, but in fact, your body knows how to handle this situation very well. Many animals find themselves temporarily deprived of food and water, and activate survival mechanisms to escape death. And we are no exception. Fasting is a great way to discover yourself: how do you behave without food and water?

Fasting can be practiced in two ways: intermittent fasting, or prolonged fasting. Each of these 2 versions can be practiced without water. A very famous example of dry intermittent fasting is Ramadan.

The fear of running out of water

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(Too many) people think hard that you have to drink a lot, continually, in order to hydrate and eliminate. Media hype is largely responsible. For some, drinking has become an obsession. In fact, if we eat properly, with lots of fruits and vegetables, we need very little water.

Yellow urine means that you drink the right amount of water. If it’s too light, you drink too much. If it’s too dark or brown, you are dehydrated. It’s as simple as that.

One of the biggest mistakes during a fast is to believe that you need to drink a lot of water. During the fast, you don’t need to drink… at all!

A little note though: if your fast is prolonged, it’s safer to drink a little (but not necessarily every day).

60% of our weight is composed of water molecules5

  • Cholesterol regulation6 7and decreased risk of cardiovascular events8
  • Improvement of bone health9
  • Safe practice10and improves kidney function
  • the list is long - parchment - comic

    How to practice dry fasting?

    The principle is the same as for water fasting… but without water! I therefore let you to check the previous articles about fasting for more details:

    no water - comic

    Stay wise and listen to your body

    Depending on the duration of the fast, heat or other parameters, you may need to drink a little water. It’s not a crime. If you are really thirsty, drink!!

    Some people wonder around with many questions. Just go experiment and listen to your body. If you feel really bad or dehydrated, don’t hesitate to make the decision to hydrate yourself, even break the fast and feed yourself. Trust yourself!

    to wonder - comic

    You can always try another fast later. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, and don’t put yourself in danger.


    In some rare cases, body temperature may increase. Some say that fever during dry fasting is a good sign: the body fights infections.


    When I discovered that I could fast without water, and when I saw the benefits that came with it, I immediately adopted this variant! For now I mainly do some intermittent fasting, which is sometimes close to Ramadan: no food or water before the evening meal. I sometimes feel a little weak, but the next days I usually feel good!

    This let me to see that I was drinking too much water every day, and I feel better now by drinking less.

    And you? Does dry fasting scare you?

    1. Dietary Reference Intakes for Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfate (2005)
      Chapter: 4 Water1(this can vary between 45% and 75% following individuals). And our body knows how to use it! If you stop drinking temporarily, your body will use its reserves. So, no need to panic, and trust your body.

      60% of our weight comes from water molecules - comic

      The  European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published in 2003 a study stating that no problem was found concerning water deprivation during the fast of Ramadan2Effects on health of fluid restriction during fasting in Ramadan3.

      That being said, let’s stay reasonable: if you are too thirsty, drink!


      A tenfold efficiency

      Dry fasting is an accelerated version of water fasting. It is of a impressive efficiency. Some people even say that 24 hours of dry fasting is equivalent to 72 hours of water fasting.

      With traditional fasting, you switch to the dominant ketogenic mode in 48 to 72 hours. With dry fasting, it’s only 12 to 24 hours.

      Experiment and you will see!

      Many other benefits

      The benefits below are in addition to the benefits of water fasting! Which makes a very impressive amount of bullet points:

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    4 thoughts on “Dry fasting: a healing trauma”

    1. I just ended a 72 hour dry fast about 30 minutes ago. I finished a 66 hour one two days before I started this one and rehydrated in between. I’m hoping that it will help heal my chronic gut issues. I suppose time will tell. One of the tricks I’ve found so far is to make sure that you’re rehydrating with sodium chloride and potassium chloride in your water before and after. Have you kept experimenting with this?

    2. Good to see an article on dry fasting that was not fear mongering. I’ve been doing for several years extended medical dry fasting lasting 13-14 days to restore function to thyroid and parathyroid. It has been one of the best healing modalities I’ve ever adopted. All my unnatural cravings for foods have been eliminated – except one, and I expect that to also be eliminated with further dry fasting.

      The more and longer I dry fast the more I learn about the body. For example the body has a hierarchy of what it addresses, starting with the kidneys and adrenals and bowels. I’ve also learned that some people need to do a parasite cleanse before they can stick with any form of self-healing, de-toxing fast, including dry fasting, because the cravings generated by the parasites are too strong for them to resist.

      Also, I’ve seen that most people have spent their adult life on coffee and other caffeinated drinks and other external stimulants for the adrenal glands and they need to slowly titrate off the black coffee or caffeinated tea while dry fasting (I suck on instant coffee crystals when needed). Eventually the adrenal glands will be sovereign and no longer need external stimulants.

      The best and wisest dry fast for people with children, family, job, duties, etc., is an intermittent dry fast unless they have an extended period of time of quiet and no demands.

      After these many years of experiencing what Dr. Filonov calls “Phase II” (from 9th day on) where some major purges can occur, I have 100% certainty that dry fasting is king of self- healing, although it is okay to assist with bowel cleansers and herbal tinctures for parasites and fungus, and of course to remove mercury amalgams. A 3-4 day dry fast will usually clear out the kidney tubules.

      Finally, many people are concerned about dehydration and I have never been dehydrated during a long dry fast. I never stopped pee’ing and my fingertips were always plump, not wrinkled, and I was not thirsty at all, not even on the last day.

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