[French Book] Diary of a food intolerant – Margot Montpezat

Margot Montpezat book, a food intolerant - comic

Journal d'une intolérante alimentaire, de Margot Montpezat

Margot Montpezat, like thousands of French, is intolerant to gluten, dairy products and eggs. Since she’s been avoiding them, she experienced a tremendous change.

The story starts the day when Margot learns that she is a food intolerant. It’s a life changer. A life that was previously hell. Suddenly, everything makes sense : “Now, I know. I am not the problem, it’s what I eat.”.

She tells how France is still ignoring much of the issue, and how hard it is to get diagnosed today (Especially for medium/light intolerances).

This book is full of scientifique informations, well referenced. From the body mechanism to the current state of research. We also learn that only 10 to 20% of the celiaques are diagnosed. (Celiaque disease it the most severe form of gluten intolerance)

You have digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue… you can feel that something is wrong? You might be intolerant too. Margot describe her daily life and go through those symptoms that you can’t deny: stomach pain, bloating, farting…

gluten, dairy and eggs intolerant - comic

We also learn that you can get diagnosed with lab tests. It’s a bit expensive, but efficient. I would have like her to write about exclusion diet (a.k.a. elimination diet): you remove some kind of food for at least two weeks, and see what happens (it’s harder than it seems, but it’s reliable, and it’s free).

Did you know that our intestinal flora has a huge influence on our temper? You can discover for exemple that a quiet mouse can turn into an adventurer, just with an intestinal flora transplant! Wheat evolution, studies that link dairy consumption to cancers, etc. Every thing is in there.

Everything? My big deception was that she didn’t talk about intestinal parasites. That is a subject that remains unknown, and it is completely related to digestion issues! But we forgive her since I am going to write a whole article about parasites soon!

This book is also, and mostly, about her daily life. How difficult it is to find some products that don’t make her sick, how expensive they are, how people look at her. Gluten, eggs and dairy, that’s a damn lot! Friends, boyfriends, work, travel, cooking, restaurants. She covers every topic.

gluten, egg and dairy intolerant at the restaurant - comic

Despite all the difficulties that the food intolerant may face, Margot’s story is full of humour, joy and hope. She prove us that you can be both food intolerant and very happy (if you wondered)! The quantity of intolerant people is raising every day, and the world has eventually started to take that into account. You’re not alone anymore.

A delightful book, especially for such an upsetting concern. Besides, some cooking tips and recipes are included at the end of the book!

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