Dental fillings are polluting you at the source

Dental fillings and mercury - comic

I could find many articles about the dangers of dental fillings. Known as dental amalgams, they happen to contain mercury. And that’s bad.

Dental fillings contain mercury, and that’s dangerous

They say it’s very dangerous, and some countries like Japon or Russia have been forbidding it for over 30 years now. And France? Apparently in France it’s allowed to poison yourself, no problem. (I live in France but I guess many countries still have that problem)

“Those opposed to dental amalgam suggest that mercury from dental amalgam may lead to nephrotoxicity, neurobehavioural changes, autoimmunity, oxidative stress, autism, skin and mucosa alterations, non-specific symptoms and complaints, Alzheimer’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.1

Chat avec plombages

I didn’t hesitate, I had mine replaced

Beware, the removal of amalgams is a dangerous operation and should be considered with a lot of caution. You may inhale and swallow mercury in large quantities! I took risks without knowing.
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I had two small fillings. I had them replaced with some composite stuff. It’s nicer. I didn’t have many, far from it. And removing them may no cure my fatigue in one day (if you have it all over your mouth, that might be another deal!). And yet, even if you have very few, replacing them is a very important step.

Remplacement de mes 2 plombages

Mercury in the teeth, pesticides in the food, antibiotics in the milk, OMGs, then new OMGs, and so on and so forth. Stop.

Ok, from this point, you can stop reading, I just needed to express myself

None of these things will be a huge deal in short term. And that’s exactly where the problem is! If you cut sugar and industrial food for a month, and then cook vegetables, you should feel different (you like it or not, that’s another issue). But if you replace your dental fillings, or if you stop OMGs, or if you just change to a grass fed cow quality milk, you may not experience a big change.

That’s for a good reason: those things act slowly. And your body, sadly here, is able to compensate the harm in the middle term. You can’t notice that. And then? We don’t know. Yet. The body keeps compensating, but there might be consequences. Actually, there was no long research on those subjects. They are too new. We are the guinea pigs for reasearch. We’ll know the real impacts in a few decades. I don’t know about you, but I’m not gonna be part of it. I love research, but not this kind.

Fuck all ofyou

That’s the whole reason why I had my amalgams replaced. To refuse paying for others’ carelessness. So I went to my dentist. She said that she thinks there is no use to do that, but she did it anyway. And she did a good job. If it’s useful, good, and if its not, good as well. I don’t care that much. The important here is that I don’t wonder about that anymore. I move one, one thing at a time. That one is behind me.

I chose this subject for my second article because it undermines a deeper philosophy: Eliminating all the factors that can be, thinking long term, moving forward every day, one love, no woman no cry.

So, who did I convince? Leave me a message in the comments.


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