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I have undergone fatigue in a chronic way since the years 2000, but that’s very vague (more or less 2 years. Yep, that much!). I didn’t wake up one day being tired. I just realized at some point that I had been tired for way too long.

Like too many people, I feel tired all the time

I wandered across many forums, blog articles, documentaries or books. Many of them claim that they provide the solution against fatigue. But it is often not true. Nothing worked for me so far. So it just makes me more confused, more lost than I already was. What is the miraculous remedy for chronic fatigue?

I then wondered if I had the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

After asking myself that question too many times, I understood that the CFS is just a symptom. A symptom common to many people, that have been regrouped under this acronym because nobody knew what else to do. Eventually, knowing whether you are CFS or not may not be a big help. (Impressive names or acronyms help doctors pretend that the situation is under control)

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is not a disease, it’s a symptom

A disease, or any other body disruption, may have several symptoms, and fatigue is often one of them. Finding the cure against chronic fatigue, it’s like finding the unique solution to the world’s pollution problem. You can’t. If there are several problems, we may need several solutions.

Same for CFS. If we don’t acknowledge that each one may undergo a different disease, we can’t get by. But if we do,  then we understand why some remedies work for some and not for others, and why your story doesn’t match what other people went trough.

Eventually, I cannot come up with a solution to any fatigue. I still didn’t find a cure to my own fatigue (and believe me, I search a lot!). Each one has to do the search for himself, and find what’s working for him/her. But I’m trying to help out.

Each one must find a solution to it’s own fatigue, but still, we can help each others

Through this blog, I’am listing all the tracks I’ve been through, or even other people’s tracks. Many people have been searching, it’s all over the web. I’m trying to regroup everything here, so that you can save some time. The possible causes, the solutions worth trying, but also all the side subjects: what may not heal but help you cope with it, or what will make your fatigue worse. I hope it will simplify and boost your searches.

I know each one of us can find his/her solution. It’s just a matter of time.



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