Brain fog – The head in a helmet

Brainfog - comic

Brain fog is the sensation of wearing a tight helmet, of having fog in the head. It becomes impossible to think clearly, the brain goes slow and ineffective. I think that some people get a slow brain after a sleepless night. For me it’s the same, but almost every day, and even after a long night of sleep.

brain fog jackson five - comic

Focus, memory… nothing works

My focus and my concentration may last only 30 seconds, after which my mind drift away. My memory is like a sieve (I write down everything). Sport? Sport is fine. I can run and bike like anyone. My physical performances are normal. It even does good to exercise, but it doesn’t fix the core problem.

A sensation of dizziness

Physically, I feel some pressure in the head. As if it were loaded with too much liquid. And no, there are not several people in my head. It’s the exact opposite, it feels quite empty. Even rats left the sinking ship.

brain fog sinking ship - comic

I was even certain that there was something inside my brain, but the MRI didn’t reveal anything. It must be more subtil than that.

I feel like a zombie some days, but in a physiological way. The mindset is good. Always have been. I hate it when one tries to make me believe that I might just be depressed. I am not. I know it, and it’s really exhausting when you have to prove it all the time. Merde ! (yeah, I’m French)

No choice, I have to live with it

I have a job, a girlfriend, friends, a music band, I learn salsa, I exercise, I meditate, I write this blog… a nice active life. I’m quite discret, not the very talkative kind. It’s fine by me, I’m happy as I am. Still I often wonder if my personality is not affected by my fatigue and that bloody brain fog. The weather is cloudy every day…

brain fog clouds - comic

Some few days, it’s less than others. A little break is always very welcome. And then it comes back. It’s pretty random. I haven’t found the cause yet, but I’m not loosing hope. I never will!

What about you? Are you undergoing the same shit? Please leave a message in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Brain fog – The head in a helmet”

  1. Hi, I have stumbled upon this and it describes exactly what my daily reality is and has been for the last 8 or so years. Have you figured it out? Have you found relief? I went through the whole medical process of tests and examinations to no avail. I’ve changed my diet, more exercise, lost unnecessary weight, meditate, you name it. Heck, I even went back to school for another degree and changed careers entirely hoping that the reduced stress would help. So far nothing. So, here we are, and I was hoping that my finding this two years after you wrote it is a sign and maybe you have the answer.

    1. I wish… but no. I have stopped gluten and it helps the fog a bit. Otherwise I do yoga and meditation. They help feeling better but the fog is still there…
      I checked if I was intoxicated with heavy metals. Results said “not really”, but I’m still considering detoxing (with the Andrew Cuttler protocol). Never giving up ! To be continued…

  2. Yes. Every day. It is horrible. I eat my food for the day, then the feeling of a helmet comes on. I start eating less because I know eventually it will end and it will feel like the helmet comes off. But then I am hungry again, and I have to eat, and then the whole process starts over again. It is truly fucking hell.

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