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I’m sorry guys, this french book hasn’t been translated into English. The good news is, I give you a lot of the precious information that it contains, so that you can still benefit from it!

This book felt like a bomb. Françoise Cambayrac blames a whole (French) health care system that is incoherent and disconnected from scientific research. By taking over the work of Dr. Jean-Jacques Melet, by reading numerous books and studies, and by getting into contact with some specialist in this field, she has accomplished with this book an impressive scientific work!

But… what does she exactly complain about? That we are all poisoned with heavy metals, and that the public services firmly keep on denying that. Even worse, they prevent us from healing ourselves! At the heart of this book, she pays particular attention to the dental world and the amalgams – dental fillings – that we have, which contain mercury and contribute to poisoning us a little more each day.

Health and heavy metals

The origin of emerging diseases

Most emerging diseases could be caused by heavy metal poisoning. Not a violent and sudden poisoning that one could easily diagnose, but rather a slow and silent mechanism, which daily infiltrates deeply within each of our organs, and triggers their disruption without anyone understanding why. These dysfunctions explain, according to Françoise Cambayrac (and the studies she refers to), the sudden appearance of so many emerging diseases:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • The huge increase in allergies
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s1)
  • Attention Deficit Disorder ( ADD )
  • Autism, behavioral disorders

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Sources of heavy metals

If we search for them, heavy metals are everywhere! The goal here is not to panic but to get aware of it. They are everywhere and their presence increases exponentially! But nobody establishes the link with emerging diseases. Worse: no one seems to be trying to. Why bother with such a constraint and hinder many lucrative businesses?

Here are the main sources of pollution:

  • Dental amalgams (we will come back to it)
  • Fish
  • Meat, fruits and vegetables
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Tap water
  • Infant milks
  • Drugs
  • Mercury and aluminum in vaccines
  • Mercury in contact lens solutions
  • In cosmetics
  • The gel to lighten the teeth
  • In neon tubes and energy saving light bulbs
  • In laboratories, in teaching buildings
  • From the mother.. (Unfortunately, the mother unwillingly transmits heavy metals to the fetus).

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And what becomes of the mercury contained in the amalgams of the deceased who is brought to the crematorium? It gets back into the air we breathe!

We all react differently to heavy metals

Mercury is a cumulative toxicant. It accumulates and we don’t notice it, until that day…

Depending on our state of health and our genetic heritage, we don’t equally react to the toxicity of heavy metals. Some have an efficient system that naturally eliminates them, while others will stack it up… Some may still have allergies: tiny amounts can then cause huge damages! Some will tolerate a greater amount of mercury than others before it causes a disruption… so there is no universal tolerance threshold, which only adds up some confusion for both patients and doctors!

Toxicity tests

The toxicity tests are not all accurate. Far from that! Many charlatans or websites invite you to do tests that are very expensive and that won’t even prove any toxicity level… so it is essential to get some proper information here. Let’s see the several tests available.

Blood or urine test

Metals that circulate in the blood and / or are rejected by urine (or stool) are a reflection of the poisoning that you have suffered in recent hours (or days). Unfortunately, the heavy metals that accumulate in the organs do not come out on their own. So you can show satisfactory blood and urine levels, while your organs are overloaded…

Saliva analysis

The saliva analysis is interesting but the conclusions remain localized: do your amalgams release a lot of mercury? Even after the removal, how much mercury do you have in your mouth? But the interpretations stop there and give no information on how much stays in the rest of the body.

Provocation test (chelation)

The only reliable test uses chelation (pronounced “kelation”). Chelators can dislodge metals from organs. They penetrate deeper into the body, capture the metals, then return to the blood before being evacuated by urine and feces. When preceded by chelation (also called “provocation”), blood and urine tests become relevant!

Unfortunately, this method, which is the only reliable one, is prohibited in France…

Hair analysis

Some laboratories and doctors suggest doing an analysis of the heavy metals contained in the hair. Unfortunately, the amount found in the hair have no link whatsoever with the quantity stored in your organs. On the contrary, the hair allows the body to evacuate these heavy metals. We even learn from a study that autists have less mercury in their hair than the average people, which suggests that their system has troubles with evacuating it2.


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Reliability of the labs

Dr. Jean-Jacques Melet wanted to test the reliability of laboratories by sending identical samples in several entities. The results show huge differences (of several thousand micrograms)! For heavy metals, very few laboratories are therefore reliable. There are nevertheless two in Germany: Bremen and Micro-Trace.

The Melisa® test: an excellent tool

This test doesn’t tell the amount of heavy metals you may contain, but it assesses your sensitivity to these, through the observation of anti-bodies in the blood. If you appear to be allergic, it may be wiser to be extra cautious while removing the amalgams, like chelating with DMPS within hours of the intervention.


Chelation can dislodge heavy metals from organs. Until now, there are no studies that managed to prove the effectiveness of a natural product. We have to use chemical chelators. In addition, the practitioner must check the condition of the patient before any chelation: the liver and kidneys must work effectively because they will be solicited. It is also necessary to compensate the mineral deficiencies because the chelation may amplify them temporarily. Indeed, chelation removes harmful heavy metals, but it also binds to essential minerals, that must be refilled.

All this to say that chelation requires an experienced practitioner and it is not something you can improvise from home with products purchased on the internet!

The different detoxification products / chelators

The author explains us in his book that all the chelators are far from being equivalent and that they must be used with great precaution:

  • DMPS
  • DMSA
  • Deferoxamine
  • EDTA is a dangerous product

Here are two excerpts:

To cure intoxication, you need both chelators (DMPS and DMSA) and always start with DMPS, and finish with DMSA. In the opposite case we risk seeing the condition worsen. I insist: do not start with DMSA. Just because DMSA is easier to find does not mean that you have to rush to buy it. It’s all about your health, don’t do anything stupid.

As for the EDTA which is the official chelator, like the chlorella which captures the mercury in the laboratory, in the human body, however, it is totally ineffective against mercury. In fact, in addition to useful metals, it would chelate lead.

Natural chelation does not work

Since effective chelating products are banned in France, the market of natural alternatives is flourishing:

  • Chlorella
  • Garlic
  • Wild garlic
  • Coriander
  • Activated charcoal

Some use vague and falsely scientific explanations in order to sell their products, but no study has ever been able to show the power of these natural products as an effective chelator. At best, they capture heavy metals in your intestines. But in no case will they go and remove them from your organs. It is a waste of time and money.

The discerning abilities and critical thinking of intoxicated people are diminished and hindered by the disease that poisons their brains. They have trouble concentrating because they suffer and are diminished by their troubles. It is easy to take advantage of their credulity.

Francoise Cambayrac brings a special warning about Chlorella. It contains lots of good things for the body, that’s true, but it’s chelating power is also a problem: it absorbs the heavy metals present in its environment during its growth. Thus, all Chlorella tested by the doctor Melet contain mercury and other metals. Even the so-called pure ones! By taking Chlorella, one may consequently swallow heavy metals at the same time…

If you want to effectively detoxify your digestive tract, carbotherapy has a good efficiency: use activated charcoal that is very finely powdered and not in pills.

Some simple tests

Beyond medical tests, it is possible to do some simple tests at home that can provide a first indicator.

If you remove gluten and dairy products (casein) and start to feel better, it is possible that this intolerance is triggered by heavy metals.

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Incompletely degraded, gluten produces peptides, whose “opioid” activity at receptors level prevents the brain from functioning normally. This opioid activity causes indifference to the outside world, social isolation, and prevents the normal maturation of children’s brains.

It is a real challenge to unhook the autists, and the chronically heavy metal addicts, off their bread or their dairy products, because they have become unknowingly dependent on opioid and morphine substances manufactured in their own organism!

Some dietary supplements can also give you a boost of energy (often temporary though). This could be explained by deficiencies caused by heavy metals.

Fight naturally

Natural elimination process (without chelation) has a very low efficiency. Knowing that we remain exposed to toxic metals daily, our body is quickly overwhelmed. That being said, to help your natural defenses fight naturally against heavy metal poisoning, you need proteins because they help carrying the heavy metals. Which can be a problem for vegetarians, not to mention vegans. Similarly, other deficiencies must be fulfilled:

  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Essential fatty acids (including omega 3)
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamins (E, B, A, C)

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Fasting: maybe not a good idea

Do you think of fasting as an effective solution to detoxify the body?

Dr. Mutter p. 119: “Fasting is not advisable for individuals who are still contaminated with mercury”, and he explains that “the detoxification organs are overloaded and can no longer eliminate the toxic substances sufficiently. It follows typical fasting seizure, which come along with mostly headaches, extreme fatigue, accelerated heartbeat , dizziness, etc. “


Sorry, 2 books are advised here, but both are in French. If you can read French though, then check the french version of this article (link in the right column). Otherwise I’m definitely sorry for that.

Amalgams (“Dental fillings”)

Amalgams contain mercury, and it leaks!

Amalgams contain mercury, which is a highly toxic poison for us. The amount of studies that provides evidence for it is colossal! As opposed to what we would like to believe, our amalgams release mercury daily inside our mouth: we breathe it and we swallow it. It penetrates the teeth, salivary glands, gums and bones of the jaw.

Not having the amalgams removed?!

Huh? We just learned that our amalgam contains mercury that poisons us, and yet, we shouldn’t remove them?! Indeed, your organs are full of mercury and your body is fragile. However, the removal of your amalgam (removal and replacement with a composite material) is a very risky operation because it will release mercury: you may swallow and inhale a huge amount of this toxic metal in a short amount of time. Your condition can then get worse! Which was not really the plan…

be careful - do not get the amalgam removed - removal - comic
I myself made the mistake of having my amalgams removed without much precaution. I still remember that I felt some dizzyness when I left, but I think it could have been much worse!

Instead of panicking, you must first take care of your organs and clean them with chelation. It is only after that that you can proceed to the removal of your amalgam. But beware, there are drastic hygiene measures to respect if you want the operation to run smoothly: protect the patient, but also the practitioner! So much so that it is often safer to keep them than to have them removed…

After the removal, mercury is still there!!

You have removed your amalgams and you are not feel better? It may be that the dental operation has greatly intoxicated you along the way, thus making you worse. But even if you have done things very carefully, it turns out that mercury is still present in your mouth!

Teeth are porous (think of a sponge). Thus, over time, mercury migrates from the amalgam to the tooth. You then remove your amalgam but your tooth continues to release the metal it has accumulated: your poisoning continues! The salivary glands, the gums and the bones of the jaw are also always soaked with mercury…

Some risks for the dental practitioners

For the practitioners, the risks are at all stages: they frequently engage in mercury-releasing operations. The latter will be inhaled by the practitioner, it will fix on his/her hair, his/her clothes, in the curtains, the carpet… and then the vacuum cleaner will put it back into the air so that it can be inhaled again… the health risks are huge, and the numbers show it: dental practitioners appear to show too often some cognitive and degenerative disorders.

But that’s not all: the removal of amalgam is not advised in France. Not only is the operation often not refunded (or you have to cheat a little), but it can be blamed on the practitioner. He/she takes big risks, for an operation not profitable, or barely. In this book we face the confusion of practitioners stuck between a plague and the health services, a bit like were (and still are) doctors trying to cure Lyme disease!

What to do if you still have amalgams?

If you still have some amalgams, there are many habits that can prevent you from over-stimulating them. Avoid, for example, chewing gum, overly acidic beverages, overly energetic toothbrushing, etc.

You think that sport cannot hurt? Think again, too much effort and too much physical activity leads to mercury storage in the brain. Stay in motion, but don’t push it!

If you want to have your amalgams removed, Françoise Cambayrac gives you all the keys to do it in good conditions: she not only gives you the essential practices for your health and that of the practitioners, but she also prepares you morally to face of a world that still believes that mercury does not represent any real danger…

If you have an equivalent guide in English, please send it to me and I’d be glad to add it here!

A few words for doctors

A small section of the book is dedicated to dental practitioners and physicians in general. There is information for everyone!

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Here is a very informative example:

In terms of hyper-sensitization, it is not the metal that is directly responsible for lesions as in intoxication, but it is the consequences of the immune response that are. Indeed when there is delayed hyper-sensitization reaction to one, or several metals, lymphocytes and macrophages release what we call mediators or cytokines. It is those cytokines that are responsible for the observed effects, or the effets that the subject complains about, and which defines the symptoms of a disease.

The dental health policy

France is last… It is way behind other countries in terms of dental care…

If we’ve been putting amalgams for 180 years, it’s because they are cheap and easy to set. This is why, as one voice, the health authorities, the social security funds and the vast majority of dentists insist on keeping on with this practice. It’s a mistake, we want to save money, but we don’t. As we have seen […], the expenses induced by chronicly intoxicated patients are such that it would be better to review this non-sense health policy. That France is the country’s largest consumer of drugs per person probably finds its explanation here.


The French have too many metals in their mouths, it is a whole nation that is being poisoned with the accumulation of toxins over several generations. As we have seen, there comes a time when the body is saturated and cannot take it any longer… it suffocates, it chokes!

These poisons overwhelm it and everything collapses, sometimes since birth… It is a collective suicide: soon it is will be the whole France that won’t be able to take it any more. The report is already scary [2007]:

  •  15 million allergic people and constantly rising (+4% per year).
  • 3 million diabetics (+27% increase in the next 20 years).
  • 1,500,000 French children show mental disorders (listed by INSERM collective expertise, 2005), it is one in eight, and it is not finished, since we are currently witnessing an uncontrollable surge of these diseases, autism , hyperactivity, etc.
  • 1,300,000 to 2,000,000 fibromyalgics.
  • Nearly one million French people have Alzheimer’s disease (+ 200,000 new cases each year).
  • 270,000 new cancer each year.
  • Let’s do the math: twenty-two million French people with a chronic disease in 2007! More than a third, constantly rising, soon half of the country…

With 141 scientific references and an equally impressive bibliography, I can say that Françoise Cambayrac didn’t do only half of the work! Everything is there: scientific explanations, advice, criticism of a deprecated system… It is a real digest of precious information on heavy metals and mercury in particular. This is a topic where we easily find ourselves lost and this book helps us unravel the truth from the scams. Thank you !

You got it, I highly recommend this book which was for me a real sensibilisation about heavy metals, often ignored or despised.

Is this a revelation for you too? Feel free to tell me in the comments what you think!

  1. Does inorganic mercury play a role in Alzheimer’s disease? A systematic review and an integrated molecular mechanism.
  2. The association between mercury and autism spectrum disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
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