A grandma’s remedy that kills parasites better than your 100 dollar pills

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I usually don’t like to use the title in order to abuse the curiosity of readers. I made an exception with this article and I hope the content will be good enough to compensate your expectations!

In order to kill parasites, I tried all the natural remedies: garlic, cloves, thyme… I even grew some “sweet wormwood”. But nothing worked. And what about Flagyl, prescribed by a doctor? A temporary relief maybe, but I can tell they came back.  I never dared to buy miracle capsules on the internet because it is suspiciously overpriced, and if I believe what the forums say, it doesn’t really do miracles…

Eventually, I happened to finally find something that works for me: in less than 10 days, I had no pain nor bloating!

I am generally quite adventurous with regard to health, and here, it goes far indeed! And at the same time, it’s so simple, and safe…

Well, ready?

Garlic suppositories!
The vampires hunt isn’t what you learnt in movies.

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If you haven’t left the page yet, you may be a good sceptic. (Or, you like the disgusting stuff… ) The bad sceptic doesn’t believe in the stuff, end of the story. The good sceptic doesn’t believe in it either, but has the scientific mind, so he makes sure that it doesn’t work. That’s what I did, except that… it worked.

Garlic: thousands of powers?

I couldn’t count the number of articles on health sites that promote the benefits of garlic. Natural antibiotic against Lyme here, anti-parasitic there… Yes, but these journalists, did they verify if it works?

head and cloves of garlic on a cutting board

The thing is, this probably works: garlic does have super powers. But after digestion, the effects are diminished. Very diminished. Our digestive system is very effective. In the french book “The Truth About Lyme Disease“, a patient testifies that he feels much better by eating 3 heads of garlic a day. Not 3 cloves, 3 heads!! When you read an article about the benefits of garlic, does it also say that you need to consume 3 heads a day? Usually, they just tell you to buy capsules or put a bit in your dishes, which usually has little to no effect – except adding a nice little flavor and give you a “refreshing” breath…

The hack: bypass your digestive system with garlic suppositories!

You probably got it now, if you want the garlic to be effective in the intestines without eating loads of it, you have to go through the VIP entrance. You follow me? The garlic is intact, so still 100% effective, and it’s in the right place to proceed. Ah! I feel like you’re starting to wonder if I could be right…

So, you insert a clove of garlic directly like a suppository. Then it releases its magic substances:

  • In the colon, which effectively kills the parasites that are there.
  • Since the colon is porous, some substances pass into the blood. We can then hope for miracles.
eat garlic or take it as a suppository - comic
The effects of suppository are increased tenfold compared to oral intake.

Doubts? Fears?

It may work, but still, it’s a bit scary…

no entry

Any scientific proof?

Thanks to a great partnership between several international labs, a double-blind scientific study of 20,000 people was able to verify…

doctor content - comic

Nope. Apparently, this method has been completely forgotten. It doesn’t interest anyone anymore. 9549 results if you search for “garlic” on pubmed, but none talk of it as a suppository!

So, nothing about this method but many publications on the powers of garlic: Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunoregulatory… and therefore potentially beneficial effects on obesity, cardiovascular diseases, immune problems, even cancer… everything is there, go see, it’s crazy! I am not checking every study, and I don’t need to: this article isn’t about providing you with scientific proof. The scientist, today, it’s you my friend! And me!

But… what happens to the garlic clove?

Once sent into space, the capsule does not dissolve like the usual suppositories. It doesn’t go into some adventures either. In fact, it sticks around, still, waiting for the next boat to bring it back to the harbor. In more scientific terms, your next bowel movement will get it out.

And it’s does “plop”!

Can it be dangerous? Any side effects?

When we put some garlic in the mouth, it’s damn strong! So, in the rectum… (with its sensitive mucosa…) it must be very irritating and dangerous! No?!

No. I myself went around the internet 3 times to be sure for sure that there was no danger or side effects. Apparently, nobody had any worries.

And if it does not come out?
And if it gets stuck?
And if it burns?

These questions are legitimate. But in the end, it’s a quite safe process. It does not irritate, it does not burn, and you forget about it very quickly (I sometimes have this feeling in the head that tells me that something is happening… funny!).

I didn’t find any contraindications. I personally did not encounter any problem either. That being said, I am not able to guarantee you that it is perfectly safe. I am not a doctor. If you do, it’s at your own risk.
(I need to protect myself legally)

Practical Guide

Let’s do it! Let’s get practical!

The insertion

Peel a clove of garlic. It’s ready!

For your comfort, you can coat it with coconut oil, it facilitates access to the VIP club. I didn’t try other oils but it would probably work as well.

clove of garlic and coconut oil
Clove of garlic and coconut oil

Guaranteeing the expel

If you don’t defecate, it may not come out. So, let’s be clear, this isn’t a something you want to do if you are fasting or if you are often constipated! Eat fiber and drink enough. Make sure the next poop is not too far ahead.

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If you scared, you can insert it when you feel that it’s time to go to the bathroom. You then keep it for half an hour (or more) before expelling it. You will then gain confidence: “finally, it was not so terrible!”

And if I panic, how do I get it?

There is an emergency procedure, which means that in the end the risks are close to zero. If you really are afraid you might panic, make sure you have an enema device. A small enema bulb can also be enough, since the clove shouldn’t go far.

enema kit
enema kit
pear enema
enema bulb

So, you fill yourself up with water, and when the water comes out, the garlic clove comes out too. Easy.

How long

There isn’t really a proven dosage, so it’s up to you to find a rhythm that suits you according to the effects you experience. You may be able to start with 1 time per day for 3 days.

How do I know if it works?

If you feel better, chances are it is thanks to the magical power of garlic. Less pain in the belly? Better digestion? Less brain fog? I think the effects can be diverse, so note down your symptoms, and see how they evolve.

If it works, don’t stop there: reiterate periodically because parasites (or lyme) are tough and often find a way to survive and come back.

Increase the power?

You just experimented and you want a little more effects? No need to put more! Just squeeze the garlic clove with a knife to crack it slightly. It will then be a little more “juicy”, and will release more substances.

Crush a clove of garlic
Crush a clove of garlic

Note: if you are parasited, you may have more gas than usual. It’s a good sign, but it’s not necessarily pleasant – especially because of the strong smell of garlic. Persist if you can, it should pay.

Vaginal use

There is also vaginal use to treat certain infections or fungi. Be careful: what you introduce into your vagina does not come out. There are special techniques for this particular case. I have obviously not tested it so I will not be able to tell you more about it, I let you explore the web if you want more information. Feel free to share it if you have any experience on the subject!

butterfly on a rose in a vase - drawing

Using a string

If you are still really afraid, or if your transit is very irregular, I tested for you the use of a string – the same principle as a tampon. Make notches and attach the garlic clove with a string. It’s clearly less comfortable, but you’re then in total control.

garlic clove attached with a string garlic clove attached with a string

Long terme use?

I cannot advise you to frequently use this technique in the long run because it could alter your intestinal flora. In the short term, however, it is perfect cleaning system!


We live in a world where we shouldn’t talk about anything that comes in or out the anus. Such a simple solution is too gross, too dirty. It’s disgusting. All the grandmothers’ tricks have been replaced by the pharmaceutical industry. We only talk about our problems with our doctor. The simple things in life have become taboo. Probably few people will dare to share such an article… “You realize, Isabelle?! She puts garlic in her ass! Hihihi.”

Grow up. And kill these damn parasites with a fucking 1 euro remedy!

I wish you a good vampire hunt. Feel free to share in the comments the forgotten grandmother tips that helped you too!

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15 thoughts on “A grandma’s remedy that kills parasites better than your 100 dollar pills”

  1. Thanks for the post, and yes garlic is great wherever you insert it! Personally I have found it difficult to keep in a certain place during a certain time of the month, so it definitely finds its way out even if you leave it in for a while! I have used it many times (and recently converted my roommate) for impending yeast infections or UTIs. Always does the trick fast!

  2. I have always used garlic through the rectum mostly for gas in my body. I have intolerance to so many kinds of food that happen to be a big part of my daily diet and so I often suffer from gas and bloating that sometimes is tooo painful.

    garlic suppositories are amazing in sucking the gas in your body and because they have a lot of fiber , they are natural laxatives. Now I’m using them with my kids -six and a half and 4 year olds -to get rid of pinworms. And from the first use I could see the difference. The inflammation around the rectum from the outside is almost healed! I peal the clove and poke it with a toothpick in several places then dip it in olive oil and insert it. It’s better when you insert it while lying down and bending your legs. Then after you insert it stretch your legs, your body will suck the suppository up and you will not feel it at all.

    Absolutely recommend

  3. I found out … that eating black walnut hull in capsules will also kill & expell a variety of intestinal worms & parasites.

  4. I have been using garlic cloves like this for Prostatitis for over a year now . It has worked wonders for me . The only thing i do differently is scrape the thin skin off with a knife before inserting. No colds or flue either in the last year and feel great.I will sometimes use 2 at a time. Great Article

  5. I use medicinal suppositories all the time! I get mine from Zetpil Nutrition on their site or Amazon. They’ve been a life saver for me since I have digestive issues and can’t get much value out of pills. Vaginal and rectal are great delivery systems for various things! I’m grateful for Grandma’s old tricks 🙂 Great article!

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